About Windtee

Windtee™ is a custom t-shirt graphic design business passionate about aviation, airplanes, and flight.

Located in New York, Windtee™ designs, packages, and ships its quality printed, aviation t-shirts and custom graphics on 100% cotton t-shirts to the amazing pilots and aviation enthusiasts who live and fly within the United States and around the world.

Windtee™ designs and develops lighthearted, fun, and witty aviation expressions in a fashionably memorable way. Our business focuses on creating and delivering quality made-to-order aviation t-shirts and custom graphics to our many satisfied customers enjoying Windtee™ aviation t-shirts globally. Windtee™ expects you'll be excited about and be satisfied with wearing our wing-rockin' aviation t-shirts on the ground and in the air.

As a testament, Windtee™ was immediately hired and commissioned by Downwind magazine to design a customized aviation graphic and print promotional t-shirts to distribute during their launch party aboard the historic WWII aircraft carrier USS Intrepid in New York City.

Businesses such as LiveATC, Mercer Flying Club, Karlene Petitt (airline pilot, author), Dan Pimentel (writer, aviation blogger for Airplanista and Flying Magazine)Savvy Business Radio, the Institute for Women of Aviation Worldwide, and Pilots Journey Podcast received quality customized t-shirts and graphic-design services from Windtee™. Currently, Windtee™ is printing sample images for Isaac Morris Ltd., a large-scale, mainstream licensed-graphics developer and producer in mid-town Manhattan's famed Fashion District.

Windtee™ has a Customer Reviews page where positive experiences are publicly shared. Contact Windtee™ in order to submit a personal review. Your privacy is respected and you won't be personally identified, unless you want to.

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