Customer Reviews

"I received the T-shirt and it’s absolutely beautiful. Your packaging is very impressive. Nice box, nice paper wrapping, nice plastic pouch and nice tag on the shirt. The quality of the shirt is also impressive, too. As you know, there are many varieties and weaves of cotton and this shirt has a great feel to it. It’s soft and the stitching doesn’t touch or scratch the skin as it does with many other types of shirts. I have no doubt that you will attract the attention of anyone who likes T-shirts."

Rod Machado
Certified Flight Instructor
Professional Aviation Humorist

Windtee logo. Windtee aviation t-shirts and custom graphics. 

"I had a sizing issue with a t-shirt and Windtee Customer Service responded immediately and rectified the issue. Outstanding job! The t-shirt itself is a quality product - heavy weight cotton with beautiful graphics (that have held up well through several wash cycles)."

George T.

Windtee logo. Windtee aviation t-shirts and custom graphics. 

"To Whom it may concern

I have just received my "Laviator" t-shirt and I was very impressed with the service. Within hours of the purchase, I received an email with my USPS tracking number. As I am located in the UK, I expected to take a couple of weeks. I was delighted to see the package when I opened my door, especially as we are having ad hoc postal strikes, within 7 working days. The T-shirt was nicely packaged and carefully wrapped. I've already spotted my next purchase and would highly recommend them.

Kind Regards,

Y. S."
Brighton, East Sussex, United Kingdom

Windtee logo. Windtee aviation t-shirts and custom graphics. 

"I Just received the Burgundy "T"s for me and my wife. They look absolutely fabulous! Putting The picture of my plane with the rainbow was perfect. You did a wonderful job... we went to the fly club meeting last night with them on and everyone loved them. The packaging is very nice and the quality of the shirt will make them last.

Many Thanks,

R. M. & J. M."
Port Orange, FL (Mooney Owners)

Windtee logo. Windtee aviation t-shirts and custom graphics. 

"Love this product! I love aviation and planes, and these designs are just awesome. I was a little worried about how the quality would be of the tees, but I have washed them several times now and there has not been any fading or shrinkage. My favorites are 'Miracle on The Hudson' and 'Control Freak'. Can't wait to see what new cool designs Windtee will come up with next; Thanks Guys!!!"

C. N.
Brooklyn, NY

Windtee logo. Windtee aviation t-shirts and custom graphics. 

"The art work/drawing on the t-shirt is great and very unusual."

C. B.

Windtee logo. Windtee aviation t-shirts and custom graphics. 

From the "Mercer Flying Club" website in New Jersey.

"You may have noticed the new banner now appearing on our home page for I found this company while browsing the AOPA forums and began communicating with owner, and have since traded links. He is hosting our banner (which he created for us) on his site as well.

Bryan is a pilot/entrepreneur from the New York metro area and I urge you to check out his web site and consider supporting his effort. You may have noticed me with my PIC tee, which I purchased last week and absolutely love. He is working on some other designs and perhaps would consider designing a shirt for MFC someday. Fly safe!"

Mercer Flying Club
Trenton-Robbinsville, NJ, (N87).